Submitting documents

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  1. First, you must go into settings, which you will find in the top right corner.

  2. Go to customer profile.

  3. Under customer profile, click on submitting documents.

  4. It's possible to use drag and drop or the mobile app for document submission, but we also send documents via email. The email address listed under "E-mail for submitting documents" is where you can submit your documents.

  5. In the next field, you will find "GLN for receiving of e-invoice". Here, you have the option to enter your own GLN number. Once you have done this and clicked on the blue save button, you will be able to receive e-invoices from us.

  6. If you submit a document that we do not consider to be an accounting document, it will be sent to either quarantine or email. If you receive something that is not considered an accounting document but still want it in the system, you should choose "quarantine" as it will then land in the quarantine tab in the approval flow. However, if you choose email, the rejected documents will be sent to your email for error reporting. Here, you can access the document through a link in the email, where there will also be a description of why it was rejected.

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