How to set up keywords

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Keywords are a way of creating rules for 'Groups,' 'Departments,' 'Vendors,' and 'Operating Accounts.' If the keyword you input is detected in a document entering our system, the corresponding rule will be triggered. It is crucial to emphasize that the keywords you select must match exactly those found on the invoice; otherwise, the rule will not be activated.

  1. First, you need to go to settings, which you will find in the top right corner.

  2. Inside settings, you need to select "Keywords" under approval flow.

  3. You can set up keywords for "Groups", "Departments", "Vendors" and "Operating Accounts". 

  4. II will, in this example, set up a keyword for Groups. The same principle applies to 'Departments,' 'Vendors,' and 'Operating Accounts.'

    Firstly, I need to identify the keyword for which I want to create a rule. In this example, I have chosen 'Premium 90' as my keyword.

  5. Enter the chosen keyword in the field marked in red below, where I have typed 'Premium 90.'

  6. In the next field, you can choose the priority of the keyword. If a document contains more than one keyword, we will select the one with the highest priority.

  7. In the final field, you must select the group that should receive the document if it contains the chosen keyword. In this example, it is 'Premium 90.'

  8. Click on the blue 'Add' button, and the keyword will be added. The next time I receive a document with the keyword 'Premium 90,' it will be sent to the 'Bookkeeper' group."

  9. The first approver is now the 'Bookkeeper' group because the invoice contains our keyword 'Premium 90'.

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